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I want to make affordable care available to everyone. My patients and I come up with care plans together collaboratively so that the patient's needs and goals are always met, and they leave the clinic happy and feeling great. My goal is to be the opposite of a franchise or a 'chain' type of clinic, so I provide a personalized environment where patients never feel like they are 'just a number' or that they receive 'cookie cutter' style treatment. Our a-la-carte style system is perfect for providing the right treatments tailored to the individual patient.

Dr. Fearn is a native of Colorado who loves helping his patients enjoy all that the area has to offer. He combines his training and experience to tailor specific treatment plans to meet his patients’ goals, whether it is pushing the body to higher performance, recovery from injury, wellness and living a healthier life, or simply getting rid of pain.


Dr. Fearn has worked in multidisciplinary personal injury clinics, alongside medical doctors and physical therapists, ensuring that he is knowledgeable about the full array of treatment modalities. He has also worked and interned at clinics which offer wellness and maintenance style chiropractic care, chiropractic neurology, Applied Kinesiology, and sports and rehab focused care.

Previous EMT work in both hospital emergency department and 911-system ambulance for direct patient care of critically sick and injured patients, including mass casualty incidents, mountain and ski area rescue, support for police, fire and SWAT teams, and large event medical standby.



  • Winner: Our Broomfield magazine's 2022 & 2023 'Best Chiropractic'

  • Winner: Nextdoor Broomfield 'Neighborhood Faves'

  • Honorable Mention: Daily Camera's '2021 Broomfield County Gold - Best Chiropractor'

  • Awarded Phi Theta Kappa, international honor society

  • Part of crew earning an Official Commendation from the Chief of Fire for efforts involving the evacuation of residents during large apartment fire

  • Featured while on-duty as an EMT in the documentary film Hazed, responding to emergency system medical calls

  • Earned title of Field Instructor due to excellence of field work

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